11 Awesome Christmas Gifts for the Foodies in your Life

They say that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomachs. Whether that person is a self-confessed foodie or not, anyone who loves to eat (and let’s face it – that’s 99% of us) will love these thoughtful gifts.

1. Funny Food Pun Wooden Spoons

Add some humor to food prep with these punnywooden spoons. 

Price: $20 from  kbcreatesthings

Price: $20 from kbcreatesthings

2. Food Pins

If her love of fashion is rivaled only by her love of food, she needs this pin to honor all of her favorite things.

Price: $14 from  MinimalustStudio

Price: $14 from MinimalustStudio

3. Weekends are for Waffles T-Shirt

Weekend (and waffle) lovers will appreciate this cheeky shirt.

Price from: $24.99 from  CallunaMarket

Price from: $24.99 from CallunaMarket

4. Make your own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Dessert as a gift! And we thought getting gifts couldn’t get any better. We love this because the recipient will pick up a new skill and they’ll have delicious chocolate to show for it — which, they can then share with you. WIN-WIN!

Price: $26.96 from  TillyChocolates

Price: $26.96 from TillyChocolates

5. Unique Cotton Apron

Gorgeous one-of-a-kind aprons all the way from Africa. Have them embroidered for that extra special touch. 

Price: $39.99 from  ShweshweDesign

Price: $39.99 from ShweshweDesign

6. Himalayan Salt Block

Because this will make grilling or serving food look super cool and taste delicious.

Price: $33.99 from  SaltBay

Price: $33.99 from SaltBay

7. Personalized Wine Bag

Perfect for overworked moms, aunts, girlfriends, babysitters, teachers…pretty much all of us. The personalization makes it extra special. Love!

Price: $27.95 from  OwingsPrints

Price: $27.95 from OwingsPrints

8.  Sea Salt Sampler Gift Set

Gourmet infused salts will complement their already fantastic cooking. Actually, picking up a set for myself as we speak :)

Price: $35 from  TrioArtisanDesigns

Price: $35 from TrioArtisanDesigns

9. Embossed Rolling Pin

This gorgeous wooden rolling pin is equal parts cute and sophisticated.

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Price: $42.50 from  HappyRollingPin

Price: $42.50 from HappyRollingPin

10. Flavored Organic infusion for spiritS

Infuse your spirits without chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups. Perfect gift for the aspiring mixologist (or those of us who don’t really how to mix a cocktail but like to think that we do)! 

Price: $14.00 from  VenasFizzHouse

Price: $14.00 from VenasFizzHouse

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Printables

As a little something extra - download these gorgeous kitchen printables, frame, wrap and voila! An awesome, inexpensive gift for your foodie friends & loved ones.



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Happy shopping, have a wonderful Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!!

Until next time,

Rene & Monique

Monique Du Toit