The Essential Hostess Gift Guide - 8 Unique Products Under $35

Every good guest knows the golden rule: never show up empty-handed. But finding just the right thing for your gracious host can feel like an insurmountable task—particularly with the holiday season coming and up and with, you know, just being a mom and having 1001 things to do every day. And although a bottle of wine is always a nice gesture, you need not resort to the old standby just because you’re short on time. There are plenty of creative options out there. We are here to save you hours of time (and cash) scouring the Internet or browsing the mall. Go ahead and splurge on a few things now—stockpiling a handful of items will save you both time and sanity the next time you need a hostess gift in a pinch. No matter what you choose (and how many gifts you choose!), we’re sure these picks will show your gratitude—and maybe (probably!) even snag you another invitation

1. Personalized Coasters

Personalized coasters are a thoughtful, practical hostess gift (protecting tables from guests' frosty glasses). Get a set for your hostess, tie together with ribbon, and give with a bottle of booze. We absolutely love these custom engraved coasters available in either Walnut or Oak. 

Price: $22.50+ from  DynamicWorkshop

Price: $22.50+ from DynamicWorkshop

2. Grilling Planks

It seems as though there's a lot of grilled plank salmon going around. Any host(ess) would be grateful for a few extra boards, a sprig of thyme, and a quality fish spatula. 

Price: $24.99 from  WildwoodGrilling

Price: $24.99 from WildwoodGrilling

3. Unique Cotton Aprons

These gorgeous aprons are made using “shweshwe” – fabric that is ONLY made in South Africa and has been around for the last 200 years. We love that there is a story behind these as a gift (imagine going into the details as you present it to make your hostess feel super special) and to top it all off - its super practical too. Wrap up along with a bottle of wine and you’re good to go!

Price: $24.99 from  ShweshweDesign

Price: $24.99 from ShweshweDesign

4. Chai Tea Kit

When giving a gift, we always think whether we would like to receive it ourselves – and if we would, it passes the “should-we-get-this” test. And just to be clear, we would LOVE to receive this chai tea kit (if any of our friends or family are reading this). We love tea and drink it (almost) exclusively.

Price: $20.00 from  purposedesign

Price: $20.00 from purposedesign

5. Handmade Reed Diffuser

Every host(ess) wants their home to smell good — and since this gift is super low-maintenance (just set it in a room and forget about it until the liquid runs out), they'll thank you even more. We love this one in particular because its handmade and nothing says, “I’ve really put some thought into this” than a useful, handmade gift. Wrap it up and give with some flowers to give a gift your host won’t soon forget. 

Price: $15.04 from  MapleandWhisky

Price: $15.04 from MapleandWhisky

6. Handmade Throws

There is nothing better than cozying up in front of the fireplace with a comfy blanket. And this is THE perfect blanket for a chilly night. Stylish, king-size, handwoven and just over $35! Wrap and give along with a bottle of wine for a perfect night-in kinda gift. 

Price: $35.01 from  LivingRootsUK

Price: $35.01 from LivingRootsUK

7. Rustic Sushi Set

We’re obsessed with the current trend of handmade ceramic and clay dinnerware and this sushi set is no exception. Because its handmade, no two are exactly alike – so it’s something really special. We give these along with a really good soy sauce. 

Price: $34.95 from  FoxRosalita

Price: $34.95 from FoxRosalita

8. Tea Towels

These are not your average tea towels – the gorgeous bright patterns and unbleached cotton screams to be displayed rather than to be used (but from what we’ve heard, they’re super practical to use as well). Love, love, love! 

Price: $16.12 from  Hokolo

Price: $16.12 from Hokolo

!! BONUS – Kitchen Printables !!

We love the idea of spreading some cheer (and not just over the holidays, but all year round) and these cute farmhouse printables do just that. They make us smile. Print them out, frame in something unique, present along with a beautiful candle and voila – the perfect hostess gift. (We especially love this one because you could get a bunch of special frames and give to different hostesses all through the year). 

Click  HERE  for 4 FREE Kitchen Printables

Click HERE for 4 FREE Kitchen Printables

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And there you have it! Our essential hostess gift guide that you can get now and then forget about it - happy shopping!

xoxo - Rene & Monique

Monique Du Toit