Our Roots

Born and bred in South Africa, our products not only celebrate the good things in life but also our country and its unique history. We're South African - and proudly so! Looking after her family has always been Rene's passion and with a sewing machine, needle and thread in hand - she has always loved creating beautiful things for her loved ones. Well, now she's making products for YOUR family too - its things that we use and love everyday and we can't wait to share it with you. We started with making aprons - for us and for the kiddies (one of the best ways to get them to try foods they don't like btw!!) and then expanded our range to include placemats, napkins, shoes for babies and even quilts. They're products that you will use over and over again and will make you look (and feel) good while you're doing the things that busy moms do. We know - we use them too! Even better is that the fabric that we use has a beautiful and unique story behind it - a fabric that you can't get anywhere else in world and is an easy way to inject some African chic into your home. We invite you into our family and home with these products and we cannot be happier to have you be a part of it. 


Our Fabric

isiShweshwe - the fabric that we use in all our products has a long and complex history. Its roots probably extend as far back as early Arab and Phonecian trade along the eastern seaboard before 2400BC.  The arrival of the indigo cloth in South African emerged after the 1652 establishment of a seaport at the Cape of Good Hope. In the early 1840s French missionaries presented King Moshoeshoe I with a gift of indigo printed cloth, establishing a cloth preference that grew during the 19th century, and still prevails today, hence the term shoeshoe or isi-shweshwe. Today, there is only one manufacturer in the world of the authentic cloth and you can easily establish the fabric’s authenticity by touch, smell and taste to ensure that you are purchasing the genuine fabric and not reproduction or fake cloth. We proudly only use the 100% Shweshwe in all our designs as a tribute to our beautiful country - which like the fabric - has a long and complex history but is beautiful and unique all the same.